As we transition from Big Rig BBQ to Big Rig Smoked Meats, we are nearing completion on our new 10,000 square foot USDA Certified commercial facility.


As we expand, we will continue to use 100% real wood smokers to smoke our meat. We know authentic BBQ can only be made using real wood smokers. 


We are the only 100% authentic wood-fired smokehouse of its kind in our region. And we have been told it may be the only facility of our kind in the entire United States! We will not use ovens or a liquid smoke flavoring like commercial smokehouses generally use to "smoke" their meat. We are simply an authentic smokehouse making authentic BBQ–just on a commercial-scale.


Even though we are going to be producing our BBQ commercially, we assure you our BBQ will taste just the same as you have come to love over the years. However, being a USDA Certified facility, we can ship our meats all over the United States. We will sell our amazing BBQ in warehouse stores, grocery stores, and many other locations nationwide.


Please keep checking back as we update here and update the Big Rig Smoked Meats website.

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